Lab Services at a Montana Health Center

Most standard, non-specialty lab services can be provided at a Montana Health Center with no out-of-pocket cost for eligible members.  If you have questions about whether the lab work you need can be completed please contact the Montana Health Center.

  • Doctor’s orders from a provider (either a Montana Health Center provider or an outside provider) are required in order to have any lab work done, with the exception of your once-yearly benefit for standard State-sponsored health screening labs.
  • If you do not have doctor’s orders for the labs you need, schedule an appointment with a provider to get a lab order.  Once you have doctor’s orders for the lab work you need, make an appointment for lab work at a Montana Health Center location. 
  • If you have lab orders from an outside (non-Montana Health Center) provider**, schedule an appointment and bring your doctor’s orders with you to your appointment.

View your results

  • Lab results are generally available in the portal within 3-10 days, depending on the test.*
  • You can view your lab results directly within the My Premise Health web site or app.
  • Log in at or open your MyPremise app and select “Test Results.”
  • If you need assistance or do not have access to the Internet, call (855) 200-6822.

*Please note that a delay in lab results may occur if there are abnormal values that need to be addressed by a provider.

Share with your provider

  • You can share your results electronically from MyPremiseHealth using the “Share Everywhere” feature.
  • If you need your results sent to an outside provider, please specify that when you make your appointment and to the phlebotomist on the day you have your labs completed.


 **If you have had outside provider lab orders drawn at a Montana Health Center on or after August 4, 2021, results are available in your My Premise Health patient portal. Lab results may take up to a week to show up in the portal. 

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